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Staying Safe

Before you take part in a Virtual Orienteering activity we recommend being familiar with the Green Cross Code to ensure all involved are aware of potential hazards you may face. Take care to ensure you are not trespassing on residents' driveways, and take care not to damage any property.

Increase your visibility to help drivers and other road users to see you. Wear bright and fluorescent materials in daytime and reflective materials at night.

Please stay aware of your surroundings when on a course and be mindful of other users of the space you are in. Please do not use your phone if you are crossing roads on the course and only do so once across the road safely.

When engaging with Find Your Way via social media, please be aware that any comments, pictures or videos posted are public and therefore viewable by anyone. As a result, parents should ensure that any information (such as address, contact details, etc) that could identify a child is not shared.

Make sure you exercise within your own limits. Consult your doctor before taking part if you have a history of health problems or experience any pain or discomfort when exercising.